Rogue Bands is the all new customization option for Rogue Beta smartwatches.

High quality silicone bands.

Easily change out in a few seconds. 

Vibes - Rogue Bands Collection

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    Our Reviews

    Great Watch!

    (January 19th 2022)

    I have tested this smartwatch for a week. Its battery life is very good. It is waterproof during the raining days. New messages from many apps can be notified. It can monitor health condition and different sports modes. Very light and stylish.

    Tony H. - Ontario 

    Almost 5 Stars

    (March 8th 2022)

    Patel R. - Ontario 

    I have tried a few smart watches lately looking for one that not only has a band that fits me (I have very tiny wrists) but also is user-friendly and has a well laid out touch screen. I have finally found what I am looking for! This is the first watch that has actually had a band that does up snugly on my wrist, and setting up the app and connecting it was a breeze. I find the battery drains more quickly if you leave the screen brightness on the default, but I turned it down a few bumps and now it only uses a few % per day. It might not show as well in full sun, but there is always the option of turning it up for those times.

    What I love:
    - easy to set up with the instructions
    - comfortable band for wearing all day
    - music control has volume button (rare find!) which makes my Bluetooth earbuds even easier to use
    - sleep function seems to work well
    - waterproof
    - messages come through clearly and easy to read
    - touch screen works very well. Very responsive
    - good battery life and fairly quick to charge with magnetic charger
    - perfect size, nice look, and lightweight
    - easy to understand manual

    What I don't like:
    - watch is not as responsive as others when I raise my wrist, and I often have to twist it back and forth a couple of times to get the screen to come to life
    - can't using your own picture as the watch face, I would like to be able to add custom images to the watch face from my phone, even though several are included by default

    All in all, it is a good watch. The best I have tried so far and the one I will keep. But I had to knock off a star for the poor responsiveness to the wrist lift and the lack of totally customizable watch face changing.

    good watch

    (December 7th 2021)

    So this watch and sports tracker work decently we considering the price. I've had it a few days now so here is my run down.

    I bought this for the watch, sleep, step, notification abilities. For what I wanted it to do this is doing well thus far. I have a decent chunky wrist this strap accommodates me just fine with 4 slots to spare in sizing.

    The battery was near dead when I received it and took an hour to fully charge and is still going strong with only 1 bar of battery life gone in 2 days of constant wear. The app was quick to set up and set up for notifications. It does say there is a firmware update but I am not going to do that as things are working fine right now for me.

    Matt N. - British Colombia 


    (March 27th 2022)

    I purchased this for myself just to see if it would motivate me to get my steps in. I've been using it now for around 3 weeks. The  steps seem accurate. My friend has a different smartwatch and we checked the steps and they were the same. I find the band quite comfortable, it doesn't irritate me and I like that the end of the band tucks in underneath rather than hanging off the end. I gave only 4 stars as it doesn't always come on when I flick my wrist up to look at it so I have to press the button. Also my old eyes can't read the display so I would prefer if it was bigger. I also like the sleep function on it to see how many hours I get in, but it does end at 7am and sometimes I sleep later.

    Brent - Ontario 

    great for teens!

    (March 4th 2022)

    I bought this product for my daughter as a gift and this is what she had to say about it... love the shape and color, the fit, battery life works great, ( plus the magnetic charger attaches perfect ) looks & feels great, easy to connect & simple to set up! She loves it, so yes it was worth the money I spent... thank u
    *****Great product, I would buy it again!

    Linda C. - Ontario 

    Good All Around

    (June 12th 2022)

    This watch is a great choice for a budget smart watch. The watch face isn't too large on a small wrist, it's responsive and easy to learn, and it's not too heavy. Only a couple of things bug me about this watch...

    The notifications screen has WAY too small of text. It is also some type of serif font similar to Times New Roman. I have really good eyesight and it's still hard for me to read sometimes. I would like to see an adjustment for this in the mobile app. A few font sizes and couple of font choices is all that is needed to make this watch nearly perfect.

    I would also like to see additional categories for sports. No baseball is annoying as that is my favourite sport and the primary exercise that I get on a regular basis.

    Overall this watch is well worth it, certainly if you can get it on sale. It's a great choice to see if you would actually like to have a smart watch before investing in one that will cost several hundred dollars. Honestly, those small changes with the sports and notifications and I probably wouldn't bother with a more expensive model.

    Darren Y. - Alberta

    What I Wanted

    (November 29th 2021)

    I use this watch mainly as a Fitbit to track my daily steps but it’s also nice to receive my text messages on it.
    The movement reminder is helpful to me as well.
    I haven’t bothered to learn or explore the other options.
    Battery life on this watch is fantastic.

    Artem Z. - Ontario